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Ascertain whether or not a DC is read-only (RODC) Print E-mail

Name: DS-Ex-IsDcRO.vbs
Version: 01.00.00vbs
Description: Example VB Script code that illustrates one (interactive) way of ascertaining whether or not a given domain controller is an RODC (read only domain controller).

This script connects to the DC that you pass (the example script doesn't bother to illustrate grabbing the input and simply hard codes two values) and, using the supportedCapabilities RootDSE attribute determines whether or not the DC is an RODC.

There are other ways of doing this, e.g. the constructed attribute ms-ds-isrodc, this is just one example.
Find all read only domain controllers (RODC) in the domain Print E-mail

Name: DS-Ex-FindAllRODCs.vbs
Version: 01.00.00vbs
Description: An example VB Script that illustrates how to find all RODCs in a domain by querying for all computer objects that have msDS-IsRODC equal to TRUE.